About Us

In January 2013, Marn Wood and Geoff Webb had a conversation over a skinny cappuccino and a flat white which resulted in the making of two new business partners and the founding of Goldstar Commodities. We wanted to establish a local, trustworthy, grower broker service, providing a direct link between domestic and international buyers and farmers in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland. In 2015 Goldstar expanded with the addition of a new office in Baralaba, run by Jean Cottam, to service Central Queensland.

Goldstar Commodities is an independent broker of all grains, oilseeds, pulses and cotton. We aim to assist growers in getting the best deal with the best price possible on the day. We provide ongoing support and the latest market information to all of our growers, and believe that growers can take comfort in knowing that they’ve covered the market with one phone call and not left any money on the table.

We are from the land ourselves and are local to the areas that we service. We have many years experience in the buying and selling of ag commodities and an extensive range of contacts and long standing relationships to call on as required.

Call us or call in, our coffee preferences are listed above...